Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Daily Digest

Raea's Story

Demonstrating two timeless truths—showing is more powerful than telling, and content is king (that is, home-made videos can be just as insightful as professionally produced and consultant-tested ones)—David All puts a human face on illegal immigration in northern Virginia. His four-part video, above, features Raea, a licensed contractor who must compete with unlicensed illegals who will work for half her price. The series, which is only lightly edited and surprisingly unbiased, is especially interesting because Raea speaks Spanish and is thus able to get her subjects to open up in their native tongue.

Roger Simon catches the double standard (some would say "flip-flop") within Mitt Romney's notion of pardons.

The Supreme Administrative Court in Stockholm, whose verdict cannot be appealed, has ruled that convicted sex offenders are free to read pornography in their cells.

Republicans subscribe to the maxim, Less government, more freedom. There are exceptions, of course—otherwise, you'd be a libertarian—but as Dave Weigel concludes, the maxim of the newly independent Michael Bloomberg is, More government, more freedom.