Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ron Paul's YouTube Surge

We've already seen how Ron Paul's fans are using Digg to fire up his campaign. Now comes evidence that they're also savvy YouTubers (as are, thankfully, his campaign staffers). Both clips come from last week's debate among the Republican presidential candidates.

The first, uploaded by "dcarrico," who previously had posted only one, apolitical video, has been viewed nearly 60,000 times. Moderator Chris Matthews asked Paul whether he supported a constitutional amendment allowing foreign-born citizens to become president. Paul said "no, because I am a strong supporter of the original intent," to which Matthews muttered, "Oh God" (fast-forward to 1:10):

The second clip, viewed nearly 3,000 times and uploaded by the politically active "infowars," scrutinizes another cheap shot. At the end of an answer concerning the war on terror, Paul declared, "I would work very hard to protect the privacy of American citizens, being very, very cautious about warrantless searches. And I would guarantee that I would never abuse habeas corpus."

What you probably missed is that Rudy, who disagrees sharply with Paul about the role of civil liberties in wartime, snickered at this last line:

In an earlier era (i.e., a year ago), I would have heard about these details through the grapevine, and probably chalked them up as rumors spread by partisans. In the Age of YouTube, I can effortlessly and for free view and confirm such rumors for myself.

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Anonymous said:

At last a true libertarian conservative. If he holds to his platform and his record he gets my vote in the Primaries and hopefully again for President.

Slash said:

Giuliani and Matthews are both douchebags, regardless of who they're criticizing. Der Fuhrer Rudy never saw an abuse of authority he didn't like and try to implement as NYC mayor and Matthews is a village idiot with a TV show.

Anonymous said:

Here is more grass roots Ron Paul campaigning.

It seems like his message is spreading like a california wildfire.

Anonymous said:

He's the one GOPer I might consider.
(I'm on the Left and not interested in getting a bunch of hate-spam; hence the anon post)

PlanetaryJim said:

Before Giuliani was mayor of NYC, he was the guy going around Wall Street with a SWAT team to arrest people like Michael Milliken and Ivan Boesky. It seems he couldn't ever get enough of that sort of thing - totalitarian brutality against property owners. Giuliani makes me sick, Matthews makes me ill. Ron Paul has some nice talking points. He'd be a decent president, and it has been a very long time since the USA has had a decent president.

Paul Levinson said:

As a lifelong denizen of New York City, I can tell you that I've seen few politicians with as much police-state inclination as Rudy Giuliani. News Media Disenfranchising Ron Paul's Supporters

Anonymous said:

How dose killing arabs protect my freedom of speech or any thing else for that matter?
Give me liberty, or give me a gun. *RonPaul 08*

Jake from Debt Sucks said:

Regardless of all this, just in watching the debate itself I feel very, very ashamed that I ever had thoughts supportive of Rudy running for president.

Anonymous said:

Let's hope the American People realise how good this man really is...

Unknown said:

I'm a big fan of Ron Paul, but I don't think it looks like Rudy is laughing at Ron Paul - or anyone, actually, given his expression. It just looks like he's mugging for the cameras since it's the end of the round.

Anonymous said:

we have to start a movement to get ron paul into the white house

Rathmoon said:

join the movement

Tsoldrin said:

This grass movement is really picking up... It challenges the very foundation of lies built up by the corporate controlled consolidated media. Will this be the first presidential race determined by the internet? We can hope.


RON PAUL is what this country has needed for a very long time now. Honest, truthfully involved in maintaining constitutional freedoms and liberty, and he isn't owned by corporations and will not be intimidated by the mainstream media mass mind manipulation machine talking heads.
We NEED to all get behind this RON PAUL candidacy as much as we can. This may be our very last chance to turn things around and take back our country. JUST DO IT!!!

Anonymous said:

amazing candidate,he gives me alotof needed hope for this country,rudy covered up the toxic air and did nothing for the 1st responders or to protect us,he walked around for a photo op,who do you want ,the neocon criminals saying the same stupid things over and over.or someone who stands with the needs of the majority of people i know,the needs of the people,ill contribute all the time,keep up the support we can do it.i know it,its easy and fun and youll make friends tellin people about paul.

Anonymous said:

Ron Paul would be the only Republican candidate I could actually vote for. There's truth to those online polling numbers.
He's the only one not buying into the myths that creating a police state will make us safer (and righteous), and that "they" hate us because "we" love freedom. He's been a breath of fresh air.

Wolv said:

Speaking of Ron Paul movements.
We're starting a Ron Paul Musical Youth Revolution to spread Ron Paul awareness and show them someone that can actually earn their respect and get them voting again to restore honor to this country and sway their disillusionment.
Join us on

Anonymous said:

Ron Paul Rocks

Anonymous said:

Thanks for spreading the word. Ron Paul in '08!

Anonymous said:

how come I have not seen any tv ads for Ron?

Anonymous said:

I think that Ron Paul needs a Vice presidential candidate, and that it would be a great idea for him to take this gentleman up on his offer to be his running mate:

I also think that the freedom movement is bigger than Ron Paul. It is the jury rights movement that has been crushed underfoot by tyrants like Ghouliani. see:

Anonymous said:

I think the majority of Americans are hopelessly brainwashed and there is no sense believing for a minute that they will change.

Walmart would have gone under if they had one brain cell but greed will keep them going there

Ron has my vote but America specializes in ignorance and bliss.