Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beware YouTube Statistics

The invaluable techPresident points out an interesting and important distinction as to why Ron Paul's YouTube surge isn't what it appears. In short, whereas most of us look at the number of channel views, the genuine gauge of a candidate's popularity is the total number of views of all the videos within his account.

YouTube doesn't automatically display the latter, so tP created a snazzy, automatically updated chart.


Anonymous said:

You have to rank YouTube by subscribers not hits. Subscribers shows that a person has dedicated supporters, Its a method to gauge how many people REALLY support a certain candidate.

Unknown said:

Ya people use subscribers as the best way to show how popular or not a person is. The views always vary I've even seen them reset (not for ron paul but other non affiliated producers in the past). To properly gage only use the subscribers as viewer ship will follow normally with just accordance.