Friday, May 25, 2007

The Daily Digest

Soren Dayton, the blogger behind Eyeon08, has been chronicling Mitt Romney's flip-flops: on abortion, gay rights, taxes, guns, embryonic stem-cell research, Ronald Reagan, the Contract with America, his draft dodging, education, immigration and campaign- finance reform.

Jeffrey Birnbaum documents how career politicians are extinguishing citizen legislators: "Thirty years ago lawmakers and many of their staffers accepted that their Washington careers were over when they left Congress. Not anymore. Now they look forward to lucrative second acts on K Street working for the same interests they were asked to judge impartially when they were on the government payroll."

Frank Zarb, Jimmy Carter's energy secretary (before it was called that), identifies one of the obvious, if politically treacherous, solutions to America's energy crisis: "Nuclear energy is the cleanest and best option for America’s electric power supply, yet it has been stalled by decades of unproductive debate. Our current commercial nuclear power plants have an outstanding record of safety and security, and new designs will only raise performance."

Shorter Nick Gillespie, from a week after the Iraq war began: I told you so.