Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Daily Dose


The Post's Anne Kornblut profiles Hillary's pollster, Mark Penn.

Please welcome Senator Jim Demint (R-SC) to the blogosphere. (Well done, Tim.)

Chuck Muth, a former executive director of the American Conservative Union, and Steven Greenhut, a columnist for the Orange County Register, are turning in their GOP-membership cards.

Kudos to the Hill for running a series "exploring the recommendations of the Sunlight Foundation’s Open House Project, which advocates online transparency in Congress." Rob Bluey writes the inaugural op-ed, in which he advocates credentialing bloggers.

Fred Thompson's advisers give the Politico's Mike Allen another leak. In addition to "talking to potential campaign managers," for an announcement to be made in June or July, the Thompson team is "researching ways to use technology—including the Web, videoconferences and teleconferences—to harness the enthusiasm for his candidacy among grass-roots bloggers and activists."