Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fred Thompson Watch

Mike Allen, who it seems is DC's most prolific political reporter, grabs the latest details:

“The outreach to him has been so overwhelming that he is now starting to talk to people to really calibrate what it would take to run a successful campaign,’’ the adviser said. “He’s talking to some of the top unaligned strategists and fundraisers. He’s: ‘I’m seriously considering it, and I’m happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.’”

Thompson will not make a final decision until at least May and may delay any announcement until even later because he recognizes the benefits of being “a non-candidate candidate,” according to advisers.

Tip for the Politico: the New York Times distinguishes articles that appear only on its Web site from those in its dead-tree edition by including "cnd" in the given URL (for, I think, "continuous news developing"). Why can't the Politico do something similar, especially since it publishes only three days a week, and that's when Congress is in session?