Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Daily Digest

1. "Kristen Is Rich."

2. James W. Antle III and Matthew Continetti, "Conservatism's Heart and Soul."

3. Jeffrey Rosen, "Supreme, Inc."

4. David Pogue, "Hello BlackBerry, Meet the iPhone."

5. Allison Klein, "D.C. Seeks Consent to Search for Guns."

6. Ben Wallace-Wells, "How America Lost the War on Drugs."

7. Benjamin H. Friedman, "Air Force vs. Taxpayers."

8. Patrick Ruffini, "John McCain, Vlogger."


E.A. Terrell said:

Re:iPhone Article Link
As soon as:
1) Video Capture and Stream is Enabled (Qik)
2) VOIP app is dev'ed to the level of T-Mobile's HotSpot at home service

(Obviously depending on $$,) I'm there.