Saturday, February 2, 2008

What Do Campaign Staffers Do After the Campaign Folds?

A couple days ago, Matt Bai observed (hat tip: TechPresident),

For all the people who work on a campaign, who share cramped apartments with other true believers and keep most of their belongings in a car, the end really does feel like The End. . . . When a campaign ends, the candidate goes on to campaign for someone else or to the lucrative life he had before, but the staff is left to figure out the numbing logistics of leases and U-hauls and W-2 forms. Those of us who cover campaigns never write about that part of the process; we check out of hotels and turn our attention elsewhere. For the people who work on losing campaigns, moving on takes longer.

Indeed. And what better way to capitalize on all that suddenly free time than to pen a retrospective? Here are two of my favorites; I'll update the post as I come across more.

1. Fred Thompson2. Mike Huckabee