Sunday, February 10, 2008

Farming the Subsidy Instead of the Land

Deroy Murdock envisions a speech by President McCain:

“My friends,” McCain might declare before some Mid-Western barn, “when it rains, you cry for flood relief, and it cascades in. When the skies are cloudless, you scream for drought assistance, and it arrives. When your prices are low, you demand help, and the checks soon follow. Since last January, corn prices have climbed 123 percent. Soy beans are up 176 percent, and spring wheat has risen 274 percent. And yet Washington stands ready to grant your howls for $286 billion in yet another farm-welfare bonanza. Enough already. Please stop farming the government and go till your fields. The party is over. The trough is empty. Goodbye.”


Andrew B said:

In other news, recent polls show John McCain with less than 20% support in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Idaho...