Thursday, November 8, 2007

Questions You've Wanted to Ask

But haven't yet.

1. does not offer a widget that displays articles with certain tags rather than from certain sers. As Ben from customer support wrote via e-mail (11/4/07), "[T]he feature that you are describing is currently not available at this time."

2. Twitter does not release its number of users. As co-founder Biz Stone wrote via e-mail (11/1/07), "Twitter doesn't share the number of people who use the service."

3. ShareThis does not work with Blogger. As ShareThis software engineer Jeremy Bock wrote via e-mail (11/6/07), "[W]e are working to fix Blogger soon to make it very easy to place ShareThis button on all posts."

Update (11/11/07): According to Peter Kim of Forrester, "6% of U.S. online adults use Twitter regularly.” Robert Scobleizer's response: "[B]ullshit."