Friday, November 9, 2007

"Edwards's Agenda: You Name It, He'll Fund It"

From today's Union-Leader:

Senator Edwards seems to have a fix for every conceivable problem, even problems a President has no business fixing. No concern is unworthy of addressing at the presidential level, and no challenge is insurmountable.

Edwards says he will, among other things, end poverty, provide big-city-quality health care nationwide and American-quality health care worldwide, spend a gazillion dollars on new federal programs while raising taxes only on the rich—and simultaneously stimulating the economy—and rid the world of nuclear weapons.

At a stop in Bedford on Wednesday, Edwards said private nonprofits do charity work much better than the government does. Asked what he would do to help nonprofits, he said he'd get the government involved! More federal money for nonprofits, he said, because they need government help.

In his speeches he talks a lot about leadership. But one test of a leader is his willingness to say no. Edwards says yes to everyone. That's not leading; that's pandering.