Thursday, October 25, 2007

Your Dream Job: Blog for Hertiage

Rob Bluey, the blog outreach guy at Heritage and one of the hardest working and best bloggers I know, has just assumed the editorship of Accordingly, he's hiring a deputy.

"Job duties will include helping with management of, promoting Heritage products to bloggers, writing and editing duties, which include development of an active blog. The Center for Media and Public Policy will continue to oversee the Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting boot camps that Mark Tapscott started when he held this job. I’ll be searching for someone who can assist with the expansion of CARR and new ways to market it to journalists and bloggers."

Update (10/26/07): Here's the formal job description:

Assistant Director, Center for Media and Public Policy.

Reports To:
Director, Center for Media and Public Policy.

Job Summary:
The Assistant Director of the Center for Media and Public Policy will help the Director with management of the homepage, promoting its content to bloggers and online news sources and ensuring it meets editorial guidelines consistent with the Heritage brand. The Assistant Director will be responsible for writing and editing duties, including assistance with a daily weblog, and also work closely with the Director to oversee existing programs and develop new initiatives to advance the Center’s mission.

Job Duties:
* Manage daily content workflow for the homepage, including editing, rewriting or repositioning content as necessary. Help define and refine topics of interest for the website.
* Coordinate, proofread, edit and write copy for website to effectively market Heritage products and educate website visitors. Promote Heritage-produce videos.
* Interact daily with policy, IT and marketing departments to build and maintain specific site areas. Assist web developers on page layout and design, feedback mechanisms, and overall functionality of the site.
* Develop editorial guidelines for and e-mail products.
* Establish and maintain positive relationships with national and regional bloggers, and promote to them coverage of Heritage people, resources and events.
* Assist with the execution of the Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting program in cooperation with the Center for Data and Analysis, Sunlight Foundation and Center for Responsive Politics at the National Press Club and with the National Press Foundation.
* Work with the Director to maintain a daily weblog that would serve as a portal for the input of Heritage priorities into the blogosphere geared toward media.
* Represent the Center at appropriate professional journalism meetings and functions including but not limited to the National Press Club, the National Press Foundation, and blog related media organizations.

Skill Factors:
Education: Bachelor’s degree.

Four years of publishing, blogging, and/or media experience. Knowledge of the newsroom and the workings of the Hill.

Excellent writing, presentation and public speaking skills. An articulate advocate of Heritage’s vision and mission.

Computer Skills:
Microsoft Office and Outlook. Blogging software.

Special Skills/Requirements:
* Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, and the department’s goals and objectives.
* Strong written and verbal communication skills with an eye for detail.
* Ability to work in a high-volume environment and handle multiple tasks.