Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Light up for the Kids

Ten days after making a splash with a clever commercial attacking Congress's plan to fund SCHIP via a tobacco tax, the mysterious nicolai1951—whose contempt-as-advocacy wit reminds me of fellow YouTube satirist abrad2345—returns with a second video. As Rob Bluey writes, "This one is even funnier than the first."


Anonymous said:

Those were funny... but fairly obviously from an interest group with an axe - albeit carefully honed one - to grind against the SCHIP campaign. Meanwhile, did you see the latest abrad ad? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2Sc_E1llpY

Anonymous said:

Thanks. I agree: These ads are too good to be from an amateur. As David All has observed:

* Videos are clearly well-produced. Good audio, lighting, titles, edits, etc.
* The YouTube account is very "young" having just joined October 19.
* The only name given is "test."
* Age is listed as 35.
* The actors are clearly professional. I'm pretty sure I've seen that lady before.

I hadn't seen abrad's latest. As usual, it was excellent (and, like these SCHIP ads, professionally produced).

Anonymous said:

Thought you'd like the new abrad one.
As for the SCHIP ads, my first guess would be that it has something to do with Rick Berman (Berman & Co.). It's got the same MO as some of his other campaigns (ie. shill for the right wing or corporate interests, and then take an obscure point of the opposition and twist it into a seemingly logical argument thereby changing the terms of the discussion). Camera and use of children as actors is also the same. That said, there are some comments on nicolai1951's youtube page that imply that David All was himself behind the ads. Whoever they're from, they're definitely taking a page from the Abrad2345 playbook (similar username, use of anonymity, and using David All to spread the ads).