Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why Newt Isn't Running

On the inauguration of Solutions Day, Matt Lewis reviews the reasons no one is certain whether Newt will run or not (emphasis added):

One DC insider reminds me that longtime Gingrich adviser Rich Galen is currently advising another presidential candidate [Fred Thompson]. While purely an “inside baseball” argument, allowing a top-aide to work for another candidate, I’m told, is a tell-tale sign Newt has never really been serious about running.

Yet another source points to an interview Gingrich conducted earlier this year with Dr. James Dobson in which he discussed his past personal peccadilloes. This attempt to put his prurient past behind him, this source argues, is proof-positive a Gingrich candidacy has always been a fait accompli. (After all, why endure an auto de fe for no reason?)

Another cynical but commonly held view is that Newt’s coquetry with running has always been a gimmick, designed to sell books, promote this conference, and ensure the former Speaker of the House continues to be invited as a regular guest on Fox News.