Saturday, September 29, 2007

FreedomWorks: The Conservative

The Politico reports that FreedomWorks plans to invest more than $1 million over the next 18 months in order to expand its e-mail list to one million people. The list currently has 142,000 addresses, and FW says it boasts 830,000 members, so this goal is doable.

Indeed, while I dinged FW last month for sloppy writing, its latest e-mail, "Do Green Laws Create Jobs?," was excellent. The subject line was catchy; the text was short, informative, hyperlinked and well-written; and, best of all, the e-mail contained an "embedded" YouTube video.

What's more, FW maintains an official Facebook group, and its Web site, while cluttered, is comprehensive.

To be sure, I think FW's YouTube account is boring, and its blog lacks any bookmarking functions. Yet with the recent hire of Peter Suderman as a blogger and videographer, with Dick Armey at the helm, Chris Kinnan heading up new media and Brendan Steinhauser doing grassroots work, I'm optimistic.