Friday, August 24, 2007

You Can Take the Man Out of New York...

From the NYT:

Jill Martin, a teacher from Le Mars, Iowa, her child in her arms, was becoming emotional as she told the candidate how she could not afford the rate increases on her health insurance.

“What are you going to do to make health care possible for people like me and my children?” Ms. Martin asked, her voice cracking.

Mr. Giuliani extended one arm in her direction, not to offer support but to beckon her to be seated. . . .

“I don’t know,” Mr. Giuliani said brusquely. “I don’t know the answer in your particular circumstance how you are going to afford it.”

He can also react harshly when interacting with voters he thinks are not asking smart questions.

In Laconia, N.H., when a young man asked him if he thought that terrorism sprang from some sense of “desperation” among Muslims around the world, Mr. Giuliani snapped that such wrong thinking was probably the result of a “liberal education.” He softened his response a bit as he held forth on the subject, but his gut reaction was so cutting that the crowd let out a collective nervous laugh.