Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scully, Gerson and McConnell

Updated on 8/26/07

Former White House speechwriter Matthew Scully has written a 10-page essay denouncing his old boss, Michael Gerson. Frustratingly and foolishly, the article lies behind a subscriber firewall, which means I haven't yet read it. So instead of commenting on it, here's an archive of background material:

For more on Scully, see:

For more on Gerson, see:

And for John McConnell, who rounded out the White House speechwriting team and is still hard at work in the OEOB, see:

For more on Gerson's successor, William McGurn, see:

Update (12/1/07): According to the Washington Post, McConnell "has shared similar grievances with colleagues." Likewise, in a review of Gerson's new book, David Frum writes,

I worked closely with Gerson and Scully, and I know both men well, as I do the third member of that once-intimate band, John McConnell. I witnessed the events Scully chronicled, and I can attest to the accuracy of Scully’s account.


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