Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fred Thompson Update

ImwithFred.com 2.0 (above) impresses techPresident's Micah Sifry.

Given its high profile, revenues, staff and longevity, is Friends of Fred Thompson violating FEC regulations governing "testing the waters" committees? The NYT reports that Thompson may not use the committee "to explore a candidacy for a lengthy amount of time, or raise more money than is necessary to examine whether to run." Nonetheless, a specific complaint must be filed before the FEC investigates, and Thompson's general counsel is Michael Toner, a former FEC commissioner.

"If Fred Thompson formally announces his intention to run for president, NBC will not schedule any further repeats of Law & Order featuring Mr. Thompson beyond those already scheduled," which conclude on September 1, NBC said in a statement.

Check out Thompson's campaign staff, via techPresident's new StaffWiki.