Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Daily Digest

The long-awaited successor to ABC PAC has arrived: Rightroots. Congratulations to Patrick Ruffini, who designed the site, and to the blog advisory board: N.Z. Bear, Lorie Byrd, Soren Dayton, Mary Katharine Ham, Patrick Hynes, Matt Lewis, Liz Mair, Ed Morrissey and Kavon Nikrad.

Meet Megan McArdle, aka Jane Galt, of the Asymmetrical Information blog, courtesy of Cheryl Miller, the new editor of Brainwash.

Meet Matt Drudge, courtesy of the LA Times.

Another gaping loophole in congressional ethics reform: executive branch officials can still, and routinely do, accept trips from companies and trade associations with a stake in their agencies' decisions.