Friday, August 17, 2007

The Daily Digest

Under Governor Mitt Blunt, Missouri has established the Missouri Accountability Portal (MAP), a Web site that MAPs out the entire state's finances. Better yet, Blunt did this using existing staff and resources, without a single additional expenditure.

In another instance of what I call "reverse snob appeal," Michael Medved and Jim Geraghty extol Mike Huckabee's anti-elitism. "Huckabee spontaneously deploys the warmth, humor, gift of gab, accessibility and kindness that we haven’t seen in a GOP presidential contender since Reagan," writes Medved. "He comes across as a regular guy who cares about other regular guys. He also possesses a rare ability to craft catchy phrases that connect with people." For Geraghty, Huckabee is "a vague populist with a fresh face who has quietly accumulated 10 years of executive experience."

Grover on Cheney: "His penchant for secrecy makes Howard Hughes look like Gypsy Rose Lee."A few days later, Grover also got a dig in at GWB, whose "compassionate conservatism" he referred to as "whatever that was."

What's the point of a blind trust if you know what's in it?