Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Daily Digest

The Everglades

You gotta love America, where a feeling of financial inferiority keeps millionaires in Silicon Valley awake at night and toiling away for 12 hours during the day.

Ron Paul finally learns how to tailor his message to his audience. To the Ames crowd, he preaches babies ("Let me assure you, as an OB doctor . . . that life begins at conception. . . . [T]hat horrible ruling[,] Roe v. Wade, must be reversed") and guns ("I think 9/11, quite frankly, could have been prevented if we had had a lot more respect for the Second Amendment").

It's not exactly Myers-Briggs, but Owen Ullmann captures the competing mindsets of those who toil at the White House: "The high-energy, supercompetitive, and ultra-dedicated hotshots who wind up working at the side of a U.S. President can be divided into two camps. There are the ideological zealots and romantic dreamers who see a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reshape society to reflect their moral code. Sure, they love the perks and prestige, but results are what count. Then there are the self-absorbed opportunists who claim to be driven by a call to public duty. But they spend most of their time grabbing for that golden ticket to fame and fortune."

Esquire profiles John Edwards. Snippet: "Edwards served one term as a U.S. senator, 12 seasons as a rec-league soccer coach. He reads the sports pages first every morning, calls his wife at least four times a day, eats Cobb salads with diet soda for lunch, runs four to five miles on a treadmill whenever he's able, though he'd prefer to run outside."