Friday, July 13, 2007

The Daily Digest

I've long argued that tax reform is more important, more urgent and easier to sell than tax relief. In his latest Newsweek column, George Will bolsters my case with another insight. As Michael J. Graetz of the Yale Law School has written, politicians "use[]s the income tax the way my mother employed chicken soup: as a magic elixir to solve all the nation's economic and social difficulties." Simplification, Will continues, by "eliminating deductions, exemptions, credits and other legislatively conferred favors," would drastically curb all this meddling and peddling.

Everyone calls the president the "commander in chief," but as Garry Wills points out, the president is the COC of only the army and navy, and of the National Guard if he federalizes it. He is not the commander in chief of civilians.

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