Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tech President Standouts

Earlier this week, USA Today ran through the highlights:

  • Obama used the Web to organize a national "walk for change" day. His campaign says 10,000 people canvassed neighborhoods across the country Saturday to build local support networks.
  • Hillary is asking online voters to pick her campaign song. Her latest video shows comical clips of what she ironically calls "truly wonderful" suggestions (singers wailing "metal girl" and "bring sexy back"). "I'm so gratified that all of you thought this was such a wonderful idea," she says, followed by clips of men calling it "ridiculous" and "insulting."
  • Romney's adult sons write a "Five Brothers" blog that reinforces the former Massachusetts governor's "family values" theme.
  • McCain posted his college basketball picks during the NCAA tournament's March Madness, urged supporters to submit theirs and offered a free campaign fleece to the best prognosticator.
  • Edwards and Dodd offer RSS feeds of their campaign-event calendars.

Then there's Ron Paul and Fred Thompson.

Update (6/18): The Boston Globe adds its take (and introduces an interesting word, velocious, the adjectival form of "velocity").