Monday, June 25, 2007

The Romney Lovebirds, Continued

Last month I observed that the Romneys are the picture-perfect couple: beautiful and blissful. Yesterday's big Boston Globe article offers a hint to their secret, from a speech Mitt's father delivered at his son's high-school graduation ceremony:

Girlfriends, the [Michigan] governor told the 76 graduating boys, "will have more to do with shaping your life than probably anybody else. . . . If the girl you're interested in doesn't inspire you to greater effort than you would undertake without knowing her, then you'd better look around and get another."

Human-interest footnote:

On one of their earliest dates, Mitt leaned in for a kiss, but Ann had other ideas.

"What do Mormons believe?" she asked him.

Mitt was floored, and frightened. He'd grown up knowing his mysterious faith made him something of an outsider. Now here he was on a date with one of the prettiest girls on campus, someone he knew came from mainline Protestant stock, and she was asking for a tutorial on the Mormon Church?

"I was not in the mood to talk about religion," he would say later. "I was much more interested in physical expressions of love."


Anonymous said:

I think the Mormons are even more vile than the Catholics. At least if you're gay and Catholic, you can become a priest! If you're a gay mormon, you're phuqued, so to speak, although really, the problem is, you're not phuqued.