Friday, June 1, 2007

Nativists and Criminal-Enablers Need Not Apply

Immigration is the most divisive issue among Republicans today. After you get past the fantasies about wholesale deportation and open borders, one side favors an enforcement-first approach, while the other prefers enforcement-cum-legalization.

Framed this way, this is a serious, and timely, discussion, which is why the challenge from the editors of National Review to their counterparts at the Wall Street Journal to debate each other is so exciting.

RCP's Blake Dvorak provides the back story and offers a cogent coda:

Here's hoping the Journal's editors accept the challenge, not only for the spectator value involved, but also—and more importantly—because this is a debate worth having, certainly from the top conservative editors in the country. It recalls a time when many of the Right's most fervent battles were waged within the movement itself, battles that were at the same time exciting, smart and good for the country.

Related: NRO will soon post a debate between Heritage's Robert Rector and Cato's Dan Griswold.