Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Daily Digest

Scattered around the Capitol, down closed-off hallways and behind nondescript doors marked only with an "S" or a "H" and a number, lurk one of Congress's closeted perks: private offices, or hideaways, where members can catch some sleep, twist a few legislative arms, and invite an eager-beaver constituent at the end of the day.

Mike Turk, who was recently tapped to lead Fred Thompson's e-team, lauds the federalist credentials of his new boss.

The good old choice-championing Rudy is back (and by "choice," I mean the choices of a free-market economy). According to the WSJ, "He envisions a [health-care] system where neither state regulations nor federal tax law push people into expensive plans rich in benefits. Rather, health insurance should be more like car insurance, he said, where people pay out of pocket for minor repairs and maintenance."

Amnesty International's new Eyes on Darfur Web site "leverages the power of high-resolution satellite imagery to provide unimpeachable evidence of the atrocities being committed in Darfur."