Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Daily Digest

Phillip Wellman, a minor-league manager for the Mississippi Braves, puts Brazilian soccer fans to shame.

To do tomorrow: attend the "The Future of Political Communications: Connecting with Young Voters" conference, at GWU.

Harnessing a day-long exclusive, the NYT peels back the layers behind the most-prized possession on the Internet: how Google search works.

Patrick Ruffini is back, and he hits the ground running. His latest invention, the 2008 Presidential Wire Videowall, "aggregates all the latest YouTube videos about the ‘08 candidates in a full screen total immersion experience."

Cato's Michael Tanner has invited Michael Moore to debate America's health-care system, apropos of Moore's new film, Sicko. Don't hold your breath. (A footnote: Tanner misquotes Time's Richard Corliss, who wrote: "The upside of this populist documentary is that there are no policy wonks, crunching numbers and reducing patients' anguish to sterile statistics. The downside: There are no policy wonks, crunching numbers and saying soberly how much a national health care plan would cost U.S. citizens. In a two-hour movie, Moore could have taken a couple minutes to tote up the expected tab.")

Micah Sifry analyzes the online rise of Ron Paul.