Friday, June 1, 2007

The Daily Digest: Smile! You're on Google

Reasonoids will need a new happy-hour hangout. Dragonfly, on 12th and Connecticut, has shuttered its doors.

Just as Mitt Romney is picking up steam in the polls, the Huffington Post republishes three, powerful TV ads from 1994, in which a series of laid-off workers blame Romney's leveraged buyout of their company for their reduced wages.

John Fund and John Dickerson agree: Bill Richardson is the Democrats' Tommy Thompson: a self-destructing candidate in public with a stellar behind-the-scenes resume, who would otherwise make an excellent veep.

Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd have announced that they won't participate in the Fox News/Congressional Black Caucus debate, which means that Joe Biden will have the stage all to himself (Kucinich and Gravel will also be there, but c'mon).

Depending on your viewpoint, the geniuses at Google have either brought us one step closer to a surveillance state, or are heralding what Tom Friedman calls the world's "flattening." Either way, check out Google Maps' newest feature, Street View, which allows you to spy 360-degree images of locations as seen from the ground, instead of the usual overhead satellite vista. So far, it covers parts of five metropolitan areas—San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami—but the images, taken with a 11-lens camera, are static, and it is unclear how often they will be updated.