Thursday, May 10, 2007

WWW to MSM Re Ron Paul: You Can Snub Him, but You Can't Hide It

Thomas Woods cites more evidence.

First, on CNN’s post-debate panel, Arianna Huffington asserted that all 10 candidates supported the war. Nobody challenged her—even though Ron Paul has vigorously opposed the war from the start.

Next, in his nationally syndicated column, Dick Moris ignored Paul altogether—even though Morris managed to find time to mention every other candidate.

Now, Woods writes,

we have the phenomenon of Yahoo News inexplicably excluding Ron Paul from its list of GOP candidates. Yet right there are Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter, whose combined support in the polls trails Ron Paul’s. . . .

Stunned, I actually called Yahoo. . . . In their e-mailed reply, I was told: “According to the latest FEC filings, it is our understanding that Congressman Paul has not officially entered the 2008 Presidential race, but has only gotten to the stage of forming an exploratory committee.”

Huh? Unannounced candidates are allowed into the debates? Can’t possibly be true, I thought. So I simply went to the Federal Election Commission Web site, and after three seconds of searching I found Ron Paul’s filing statement, dated March 12. . . .

To Yahoo’s credit, after I sent them this documentation I was told that they would have a page for Ron Paul up within a week.

Let's keep up the pressure.