Thursday, May 10, 2007

Which Presidential Candidates Are Holding Conference Calls with Bloggers?

Updated 5/18/07

After a senator placed an anonymous hold last year on the Coburn-Obama bill—which, ironically, sought to enhance congressional transparency—a small group of thoughtful, committed bloggers came together to form Porkbusters, a Web site containing a chart of all 100 senators.

Porkbusters asked users to call each senate office, ask if the given senator had requested the hold, and post the answer, including the name of the staffer with whom the user spoke. (The effort succeeded, revealing not one but two secret senators, and the bill passed.)

In the same spirit of transparency and in order to encourage greater blogger-politico relations, I have compiled a chart, accessible via Google documents, of which presidential candidates are holding conference calls with bloggers. (Bonus points if you know, and can prove, who the first was.)

But the chart is incomplete, and I need your help to fill in the gaps (thanks already to Rob Bluey and Soren Dayton). You can e-mail me or leave a comment below, but please provide a hyperlink for verification. I'll try to update the chart at least once a day.

Two indispensable sources to start with are the ’08 Press Shop Staff Listings from Potomac Flacks and Chris Cillizza’s Inner Circle posts at the Fix.

Depending on the response, I’d like to compile similar charts for members of Congress and the administration.

Addendum (2/3/2008): Rob Bluey reports that Romney hosts his first blogger call.

Addendum (3/30/08): In case anyone comes across this post, here's the chart as a Google document.


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