Sunday, May 6, 2007

Washington Power Couples

Match the spouses (information provided by T.A. Frank):

1. Mandy Grunwald, Democratic strategist.
2. Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News.
3. Autumn Hanna, former aide to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
4. Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor.
5. Campbell Brown, anchor for the weekend edition of NBC’s Today Show.
6. Jim VandeHei, executive editor of the Politico
7. Matthew Cooper, Washington editor of Portfolio.
8. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader.
9. Dan Senor, former spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority.
10. Alan Greenspan, former chair of the Federal Reserve.

1. Grunwald-Cooper.
2. Mitchell-Greenspan.
3. Hanna-VandeHei.
4. Chao-McConnell.
5. Brown-Senor.

Update: Almost forgot: James Carville is married to Mary Matalin.