Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rudy on Abortion: One Step Forward, One Step Backward

Yesterday, on the heels of news that he has personally donated to Planned Parenthood, Rudy visited radio host Laura Ingraham (listen here). Ingraham wasted no time in broaching the elephant in the room: "If you hate it, what exactly is wrong with abortion?"

Rudy's response: "I think in America, you can personally oppose something, and at the same time recognize that in a pluralistic society other people just as strongly view it differently, and ... you can't put 'em in jail for it."

So far, so good. Given the time to elucidate and elaborate, Rudy did so in a way that seemed plausible.

But then Ingraham zinged him with the obvious follow-up: "[W]hy would you donate to something like Planned Parenthood that makes hundreds of millions of dollars off the procedure that you say you hate?"

Rudy's response: "Because Planned Parenthood makes information available. It's consistent with my position."

Huh? If you hate something, which you say you personally discourage, shouldn't you donate to organizations that also discourage that something?

I should also point out that it's less than confidence-inspiring when a politician, especially one like Rudy whose views on abortion are perhaps his most controversial, doesn't know whether the Mexico City Policy, otherwise known as the global gag rule, is or isn't currently the law. (It is.)