Monday, May 28, 2007

Fisking Sicko

Let the fun begin! (Technically, Fred Thompson got here first, and brilliantly so.)

From the NYT:

Having practiced medicine in both Cuba and the United States, Dr. [Leonel] Cordova [who defected to the latter in 2000] has an unusual perspective for comparison.

“Actually there are three systems,” Dr. Cordova said, because Cuba has two: one is for party officials and foreigners like those Mr. Moore brought to Havana. “It is as good as this one here, with all the resources, the best doctors, the best medicines, and nobody pays a cent,” he said.

But for the 11 million ordinary Cubans, hospitals are often ill equipped and patients “have to bring their own food, soap, sheets—they have to bring everything.” And up to 20,000 Cuban doctors may be working in Venezuela, creating a shortage in Cuba.