Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Daily Dose

Contrary to popular lore, Congress did not pass the Height Act to restrict Washington's skyline to 130 feet, but in response to protests prompted by the 160-foot Cairo apartment building, on Q Street NW near 16th Street, in 1894

Here's another opening for Fred Thompson to exploit: all three front-running GOP candidates support some form of earned citizenship or guest worker status for illegal immigrants. "This stance puts them at odds with their base that rejects anything in the ballpark of 'amnesty,'" writes the Politico's Jonathan Martin.

With the endorsement of the state's Democratic governor and its two senators, the Bush Administration wants to begin oil and gas exploration off the coast of Virginia. (HT: Bluey.)

GQ is reprinting what it says "may well the best" profile it's ever run: Michael Kelly on the hard-partying, hard-working senior senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy.

The Castle Coalition celebrates its fifth anniversary.