Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Daily Dose

I wanted to devote a post each to what follows, but I've been so dilatory that, as this point, I'm just going to compile everything into a single, short post.

According to a new study by citizen journalists working with the Sunlight Foundation, of the 536 Web sites maintained by members of Congress, a whopping 499 fail to provide the most basic information to the public about what their representatives in Washington do—like the name or names of the committees they serve on and the bills they have sponsored. Fewer than half of the members provide the text of or links to statements they've made on the House or Senate floor. Nearly one in four failed to link to any official source of information on their work in Congress. Continue reading here, or click here to read about the solution, the Open House Project.

The House Republican Conference now has a Web site:

A conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat, David All and MyDD's Jerome Armstrong, have launched an Internet-based TV show called DomeNation. Score one for bipartisanship and for new media. Here's the first episode.

Speaking of David All, check out his first client, the Majority Accountability Project. Conducting its own investigations and serving as a clearinghouse for others', MAP seeks to hold the Democratic majority in the House to Speaker Pelosi's promise "to make this the most honest, ethical and open Congress in history."