Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Daily Dose

A rabbit bred by the East German breeder, Karl Szmolinsky

An Alexandria jury has re-convicted Dr. William Hurwitz on drug trafficking charges. The ramifications "are ominous," writes Radley. "If Hurwitz can go to prison for not being suspicious enough of his patients, the message to pain specialists is clear: err on the side of mistrust, suspicion, and unde[r]treatment, or risk going to prison."

Andrew Ferguson of the Weekly Standard offers this gem as to why people write: "the desire for self-expression; to uncover your innermost thoughts, to clear away the underbrush and find what you really think, and then to put those thoughts onto paper (or the computer screen) in as appealing a form as you can devise." This has certainly been a chief motive of mine: writing helps me clarify what I think.

The Weekly Standard calls out Al Sharpton for his pontificatory intrusion into the Imus scandal: "A slanderer and a race-baiter who has unrepentantly fomented deadly racial violence in New York on more than one occasion in past 20 years, Sharpton doesn't have the moral standing of a cockroach to judge someone else's public discourse."