Friday, May 18, 2007

The Daily Digest

We all know about Web 2.0. Yesterday came Google 2.0, or Google Universal Search. Described by one analyst as Google's "most radical change" ever, GUS integrates links from Google's news, video, images, local and book search engines with those from its main engine.

Joe Klein trains his invariably insightful political mind on the second GOP debate. "I thought Mitt Romney won the first debate because he was smooth and lost the second because he was slick. Rudy Giuliani won the second because he seemed forceful, after appearing uncertain in the first. John McCain was a presence in both—a mostly honorable presence, I might add. . . . So, Rudy McRomney: Rudy, tough; Romney, smooth; McCain, courageous."

"[O]ur 70-year experiment of government micromanaging the agriculture industry has failed[,] and it is time for Congress to plow them under."

As the Beltway awaits the next shoe to drop in the DC madam case, Deroy broaches the question that dare not rear its ugly head: why "does trading cash for intimacy merit handcuffs and indictments?" Reason's Cathy Young adds, "As with other victimless crimes, the criminalization of prostitution creates a vast breeding ground for corruption, hypocrisy, and morally dubious law enforcement tactics."