Monday, May 28, 2007

The Daily Digest

Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

You've heard of book reviews. Now get ready for Web site reviews. Alan Rosenblatt of techPresident reviews Bill Richardson's, a redesigned version of which the candidate unveiled concurrent with his official, presidential announcement. Rosenblatt's verdict: the site is "clearly good and potentially great."

Rudy's position on Roe v. Wade may be "perfectly reasonable," as Charles Krauthammer argues, but John Dickerson points out the difference between being pro-choice and very pro-choice (my links): "He supported public funding for abortion in New York, made donations to Planned Parenthood, and backed partial-birth abortions."

Considering that the name "Jerry Falwell" probably raised far more money for the left than for the right, liberals may come to mourn Falwell's death. John Pitney explains: "[H]is name remained a fixture in liberal speeches and fund-raising letters long after his actual power had shrunk. When he endorsed school choice and opposed abortion, liberals cited his position as a reason for taking the other side. When he supported Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, Senator John Kerry mentioned him and other conservatives in a floor speech: 'This right-wing reaction can only mean one thing: They know what kinds of opinions Judge Alito will issue in line with their extreme ideology.'"

Steve Chapman explains why Monica Goodling's recent congressional testimony was so appalling: "Considered in the most flattering light, the [U.S. Attorney] firings showed a process that was sloppy, amateurish and poorly informed, with no one in charge and no one responsible for the ultimate decisions. At worst, it revealed a highly politicized atmosphere that elevated partisan goals above fuddy-duddy concerns like honest law enforcement."