Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Daily Digest

Continued Coburn courage: the junior senator from Oklahoma is blocking a resolution to honor Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring, by erroneously linking DDT to cancer, galvanized the anti-DDT movement that, to this day, deprives millions of malaria-stricken people of their best hope for a cure.

Meet Chris Dodd, the senior Democratic senator from Connecticut who is struggling to break free from his second-tier status among the presidential hopefuls.

With his trademark coolness, Matt Labash introduces us to John Cox. John who? The "sane fringe candidate" running for president. Bravo to the Weekly Standard for devoting four pages to the guy, about whom Labash writes, "[E]ven while he makes plenty of noise about the need to seal our borders, the corrupt Mexican government, and a crackdown on businesses that hire illegals, he will not set his hair on fire by becoming a pandering immigrant-basher. . . . 'I refuse to lower myself,' says Cox. 'I'm a businessman. I've got clients. I'm not going to make myself out to be a buffoon.'"

The Washington Times hosts a blogger roundtable on the political impact of blogs.


Anonymous said:

And Kudos to Labash for exposing this guy as a publicity seeking millionaire who is desperate to be noticed.

The story hillariously followed him around as he spoke to empty rooms and introduced himself to people who laughed him off as the fringe candidate he is.