Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Daily Digest

Bill Richardson's Latest Ads

If you're a young conservative or libertarian in the DC area, you should know about America's Future Foundation.

As is his wont, Radley spotlights the big picture surrounding a current event: prosecutorial zealotry and botched convictions go far beyond the exonerated Duke lacrosse players. "It's likely of no coincidence that the one jurisdiction [in Dallas, TX] where blood samples have been preserved is also one that's finding a shocking number of convictions of innocent people."

Another victory for transparency and bloggers (especially considering how expensive ShadowTV is): CNN has agreed to make its presidential debate footage available without restrictions at the conclusion of each debate.

The NYT reports that Rudy is "planning to offer a forthright affirmation of his support for abortion rights in public forums, television appearances and interviews in the coming days." This should be interesting, though let's hope that Rudy (1) drops the "hate!" declaration and (2) refrains from his other oft-repeated line that his position on abortion has always been "consistent." Even if that were true, I think it's better to admit the complexity of the issue rather than aver consistency in the face of a huge perception otherwise.