Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Daily Digest

Doug Bandow makes the best arguments I've read for why DC residents should get the franchise—just not in the way Congress is currently considering.

As a rule, Michael Barone refrains from "using the word reform to describe any laws, including those I favor. So campaign finance reform is campaign finance regulation and tort reform is tort law limitations. The patient's bill of rights becomes HMO regulation."

Perhaps spurred on Heritage's recently begun series, Heritage in Focus, Cato inaugurates a weekly video. In the proprietary vs. popular debate, Cato unfortunately chooses the former, and seems to spurn YouTube, which would dramatically expand its audience.

Two bloggers turn pro (that is, get paid as a full-time job): Laura McGann at TPMmuckraker, and Sommer Mathis at DCist.


Anonymous said:

That's not at all accurate. They have two YouTube channels. Do a search.