Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Daily Dose

Seven days ago, Virginia's General Assembly approved Governor Kaine’s amendments to legislation that provides Virginians with much-needed protection from tax-hungry bureaucrats and land-hungry developers. Said Steven Anderson, director of the Castle Coalition: "Nationwide, homes and small businesses are seized for big-box stores and luxury condominiums. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would surely be proud that this is no longer the case in their home state."

Tim Carney suggests that pro-lifers are using the biblical injunction to "be fruitful and multiply" as political strategy: "Pro-life families are also having more children for reasons that become obvious upon reflection. The busloads of pro-life pilgrims in town this week [in January] for the March for Life will be predominantly young, and many of them have five, six, seven, eight, or nine brothers and sisters who have come for past marches or will be here to march next year."

We're all allowed to change our mind, but I wish Rudy had pulled less of a Romney, in both positions and emphaticness, on abortion. Rich Lowry summarizes: "Now that’s he’s running for president [Rudy] says that he 'hates' abortion—something he didn’t mention when he gave opening remarks at NARAL’s 'Champions of Choice' lunch in April 2001. . . . He now supports a partial-birth ban, which he had opposed. His aides say he supports—or wouldn’t seek to change—the Hyde amendment banning Medicaid financing of most abortions, even though he once opposed it.