Monday, April 16, 2007

Living Among Illegal Immigrants

I grew up in suburban New Jersey, went to college in a rural but similar enclave of upstate New York, and now live in northern Virginia. Consequently, I have never experienced the side efforts of illegal immigration, of which the inestimable Victor Davis Hanson offers a firsthand analysis:

Our now-spurned laws were originally intended to ensure an (admittedly thin) veneer of civilization over innate chaos—roads full of drivers who have passed a minimum test to ensure that they are not a threat to others; single-family residence zoning to ensure that there are adequate sewer, garbage, and water services for all; periodic county inspections to ensure that untethered dogs are licensed and free of disease and that housing is wired and plumbed properly to prevent mayhem; and a consensus on school taxes to ensure that there are enough teachers and classrooms for such sudden spikes in student populations.